Academic Calendar 2005-2006

Trinity College of Arts & Sciences; The Pratt School of Engineering; The Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences; The Graduate School; The Graduate Nursing Program
Consult the calendars of the other schools for additional information.

Special Note: Graduate Class ending dates have been revised (08/10/05). Changes are noted in red below.

February 28 Monday. Registration begins for all Summer sessions
May 19 Thursday. Term I classes begin
May 23 Monday. Drop/Add for Term I ends
May 30 Monday. Memorial Day. Classes in session
June 15 Wednesday. Last day to withdraw WP or WF from Term I classes
June 27 Monday. Term I classes end
June 28 Tuesday. Reading period
June 29 Wednesday. Term I final examinations begin
June 30 Thursday. Term I final examinations end
July 5 Tuesday. Term II classes begin
July 7 Thursday. Drop/Add for Term II ends
August 1 Monday. Last day to withdraw WP or WF from Term II classes
August 11 Thursday. Term II classes end
August 12 Friday. Term II final examinations begin
August 13 Saturday. Term II final examinations end


FALL 2005
August 23 Tuesday. New graduate student orientation
August 24 Wednesday. New undergraduate student orientation begins; assemblies for students entering Trinity College of Arts and Sciences and The School of Engineering
August 25 Thursday 11:00 AM Convocation for new undergraduate students; 4:00 PM Convocation for graduate and professional school students
August 29 Monday. 8:00 AM Fall Semester classes begin; Drop/Add continues
September 5 Monday. Labor Day. Classes in session
September 9 Friday. 5:00 PM, Drop/Add ends
October 2 Sunday. Founders' Day
October 7 Friday. 7:00 PM Fall break begins
October 12 Wednesday. 8:00 AM Classes resume
October 14 Friday. Last day for reporting mid semester grades
November 2 Wednesday. Registration begins for Spring Semester, 2006
November 16 Wednesday. Registration ends for Spring Semester, 2006
November 17 Thursday. Drop/Add begins
November 22 Tuesday. 10:30 PM Thanksgiving recess begins
November 28 Monday. 8:00 AM Classes resume
December 2 Friday. Graduate classes end
December 3 - 11 Saturday-Sunday. Graduate reading period; length of the 200-level course reading period is determined by the professor
December 9 Friday. Undergraduate classes end
December 10 - 11 Saturday-Sunday. Undergraduate reading period
December 12 Monday. Undergraduate reading period (9:00 AM - 7:00 PM)
December 12 Monday. Final examinations begin (7:00 PM)
December 15 Thursday, Undergraduate reading period (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
December 18 Sunday. 10:00 PM Final examinations end


January 11 Wednesday. 8:00 AM Spring Semester begins: ALL classes normally meeting on Mondays meet on this Wednesday only; Wednesday ONLY classes begin Wednesday, January 18; Drop/Add continues
January 16 Monday. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day holiday: classes are rescheduled on Wednesday, January 11
January 25 Wednesday. 5:00 PM, Drop/Add ends
February 24 Friday. Last day for reporting mid semester grades
February 27 Monday. Registration begins for Summer 2006
March 10 Friday. 7:00 PM Spring recess begins
March 20 Monday. 8:00 AM Classes resume
April 5 Wednesday. Registration begins for Fall Semester 2006
April 14 Friday. Registration ends for Fall Semester 2006; Summer 2006 registration continues
April 15 Saturday. Drop/Add begins
April 19 Wednesday. Graduate classes end
April 20 - 30 Thursday-Sunday. Graduate reading period; length of the 200-level course reading period is determined by the professor
April 26 Wednesday. Undergraduate classes end
April 27 - 30 Thursday-Sunday. Undergraduate reading period
May 1 Monday. Final examinations begin
May 3 Wednesday, Undergraduate reading period (9:00 AM - 2:00 PM)
May 6 Saturday. 10:00 PM. Final examinations end
May 12 Friday. Commencement begins
May 14 Sunday. Graduation exercises; conferring of degrees


August 10, 2005 (Revised)
University Schedule Committee
Duke University, Durham, North Carolina  27708

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