Members of the Duke University community should log on to 25Live to reserve a classroom or other reservable space. What is 25Live? 25Live is a web-based scheduling and event publishing product developed by CollegeNET used by various schools and scheduling units across Duke's campus. The software provides a centralized scheduling system and data repository for events held at Duke, yet allows individual scheduling units to maintain their scheduling policies and practices. 25Live allows users to request various spaces and resources across Duke's campus.

25Live is available to the entire Duke community (faculty, student, staff, emeritus, affiliate). The Duke Community can request space by logging in with their NetID and password at https://25live.collegenet.com/duke/scheduling.

Firefox is the recommended browser to access 25Live.

If you have previously used 25Live to request a space on campus and would like to provide some feedback, please go here.

The link below is a listing of all rooms available in 25Live and the names and contact information for the Duke staff members who are responsible for reviewing requests for space. If there are questions regarding a request that is submitted, these are the folks who will be contacting you.

Rooms and Schedulers

Training sessions are offered on request. Please contact help-25live@duke.edu to set up an appointment.

Tools will be available soon. Contact Help-25Live@duke.edu should you have questions.

25Live Feedback Form - Complete this form if you wish to provide feedback on the 25Live event request form or process.

New 25Live Scheduler Request Form - Complete this form to add a new room scheduler with the appropriate security access.

Request to Add New Space in 25live - Complete this form to request that a new space be added to 25Live as a reservable space.


Here is a list of term codes used in 25Live and DukeHub.

Term Description
1660 2018 Fall Term
1665 2019 Winter Term
1670 2019 Spring Term
1685 2019 Summer Term 1
1690 2019 Summer Term 2
1700 2019 Fall Term
1705 2020 Winter Term
1710 2020 Spring Term
1725 2020 Summer Term 1
1730 2020 Summer Term 2
1740 2020 Fall Term
1745 2021 Winter Term
1750 2021 Spring Term
1765 2021 Summer Term 1
1770 2021 Summer Term 2
1780 2021 Fall Term
1785 2022 Winter Term
1790 2022 Spring Term
1805 2022 Summer Term 1
1810 2022 Summer Term 2
1820 2022 Fall Term
1825 2023 Winter Term
1830 2023 Spring Term
1845 2023 Summer Term 1
1850 2023 Summer Term 2
1860 2023 Fall Term
1865 2024 Winter Term
1870 2024 Spring Term