Policies related to the submission of grades are determined by the faculty. These policies are identified in Chapter 6 of the Faculty Handbook.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to submit grades for all students enrolled in their courses. While assistance in the process may be requested of assistants or departmental staff, the instructor of record assumes the responsibility to "sign off" on all student grades and submit them for posting.

Grades must be submitted online via DukeHub. Initial access to DukeHub must be requested of via the SISS (Student Information Services and Systems) Access Request Form. Once DukeHub access is granted, faculty use their NetID and password to log in to the system and can access grade rosters via a grade roster icon found on each class listing. Faculty must successfully log on to DukeHub at least once within the previous twelve months or their DukeHub account becomes inactive.

The identification of grades in Sakai is not the final step for grade submission. Grades may, however, be uploaded from Sakai into DukeHub. See Help guide: Submit Grades for additional instructions.

Grades should never be sent in the text of an email, as email is not a secure means of communication.

If you are submitting grades via DukeHub, be sure to turn off your browser's pop-up blocker before attempting to submit grades. If you do not see a small pop-up window after clicking on the "submit grades" button, the pop-up blocker is turned on.

Grading Information

There are two methods by which faculty can access final grade rosters and submit final grades in DukeHub. Faculty should use the blue menu bar on the left-hand side of their DukeHub Dashboard page to select either the Grade Roster link or the Classic Faculty Center link.

Help guide: Submit Grades

  • Entering Grades in DukeHub (All Grades Submitted)
  • Entering Grades in DukeHub (Partial Grade Submission)
  • Entering Grades via Classic Faculty Center
  • Transferring Grades from Sakai
  • Uploading Grades from a .csv File

Students enrolled under the audit grading basis must also receive grades. To identify the valid audit grade options click on the magnifying glass icon located immediately to the right of the grade input box of the student. Students receive either "AD" (successful completion of an audit) or "WA" (withdrawn from an audit).

Faculty policy stipulates that grade changes may only be requested due to computation or transcription errors. Grade change requests from I, N, and X grades require no explanation. Once a grade has been posted, it cannot be changed online, nor can grade changes be accepted in the text of an email. Grade changes must be submitted on departmental letterhead and addressed to Frank Blalark, Associate Vice Provost and University Registrar. Include the following information:

  • student name and student ID number
  • academic term
  • subject, catalog number, section number
  • grade already given to the student
  • new grade
  • brief explanation of the reason for the change (Remember, faculty policy states that grade changes may be requested due only to computation or transcription errors.); changes from I, N, and X grades require no explanation

The letter must be dated, contain the instructor's physical or digital signature, and be scanned and attached to an email to registrar@duke.edu from the instructor's Duke email account.

Faculty policy, as stipulated in the Faculty Handbook, Chapter 6, requires that grades for graduating students be submitted within 24 hours of a final exam. Grades for all other students must be submitted within 48 hours of the final exam. If a final exam is not being held, the deadline for grade submission is relative to when a final exam would have been held as per the posted final exam schedule. A deadline for the submission of midterm grades is established by the University Schedule Committee in order to assist faculty in planning for this activity during the creation of syllabi for their courses. For more information on the submission of midterm grades see below.

Midterm grades must be provided for all first-year undergraduate students, new transfer undergraduate students, and any other undergraduate students making less than C- progress in a course. The midterm grade rosters in DukeHub contain a "Required" column and "YES" appears in this column beside the name of each first-year student for which a grade is required. Faculty, however, are encouraged to provide midterm grades for all students.

The deadline for submitting midterm grades can be found on the appropriate Academic Calendar. All faculty are encouraged to incorporate the deadline for the submission of midterm grades into the construction of their courses. A reminder message about the deadline is sent out to all instructors a couple of weeks prior to the deadline for submission.

The Duke University Transcript Guide appears on the reverse side of the Duke University transcript and is included with every electronic transcript distributed by the Office of the University Registrar. The purpose of the Transcript Guide is to provide additional information (course number schema, valid grade options and grade definitions, course unit to semester hour conversion, etc.) and historical context to supplement what is found on the actual transcript.