The calendar below provides dates for key business processes of the Office of the University Registrar. Dates are subject to change.

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Fall 2023 
8/28/23Fall classes begin (8:30 AM)
8/28/23FERPA annual notification
9/1/23Waitlists purged and instructor consent added for all undergraduate classes (11:59 PM)
9/4/23Labor Day holiday. No classes; OUR office closed
9/6/23National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) summer DegreeVerify and graduates only submissions
9/7/23NSC fall early registration submission
9/8/23Drop/Add ends (11:59 PM) for EGRP, GRAD, NBSN, NSOE, NURS, PPS, and UGRD
9/15/23NSC fall first-of-term submission
9/27/23Immunization compliance deadline; notifications of non-compliance sent to students, faculty, and schools
9/29/23Student deadline for submitting past spring/summer work for I and X grades
10/6/23Faculty deadline for submitting past spring/summer I and X grade changes
10/13/23NSC fall subsequent-of-term submission
10/13/23Last day for reporting midsemester grades
10/13/23Fall break begins (7:00 PM)
10/16/23-10/17/23Fall break. No classes
10/18/23Classes resume (8:30 AM)
10/23/23Spring shopping carts open
10/23/23-11/13/23Undergraduate academic plan change form closed; plan changes not processed during registration
11/1/23Spring registration begins; view all registration windows
11/10/23NSC fall subsequent-of-term submission
11/10/23Last day to withdraw with W (undergraduates)
11/10/23Last day to change to Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading basis (undergraduates)
11/10/23Deadline for fall submissions of Petition to Change Final Examination (undergraduates)
11/14/23Spring Drop/Add begins
11/18/23 (Estimate)Fall grade rosters created and available for use
11/21/23Thanksgiving recess begins (10:30 PM)
11/22/23Thanksgiving recess. No classes
11/23/23-11/24/23Thanksgiving holiday. No classes; OUR office closed
11/27/23Classes resume (8:30 AM)
12/1/23Graduate classes 700+ end; Some graduate classes 500-699 may end at department/instructor discretion
12/8/23Undergraduate classes end; Remaining graduate classes 500-699 end
12/13/23NSC fall end-of-term submission
12/13/23-12/18/23Final examinations (begin 9:00 AM on 12/13; end 10:00 PM on 12/18)
12/22/23Christmas Eve holiday. OUR office closed
12/25/23Christmas Day holiday. OUR office closed
12/28/23 (Estimate)Run fall progress reports
12/29/23New Year's Eve holiday. OUR office closed