Policies related to the submission of grades are determined by the faculty. These policies are idenitifed in Chapter 6 of the Faculty Handbook.

It is the responsibility of the instructor to submit grades for all students enrolled in their courses. While assistance in the process may be requested of assistants or departmental staff, the instructor assumes the responsibility to "sign off" on all student grades. There are two ways by which grades can be submitted by instructors:

  1. Grades may be submitted online via DukeHub. Initial access to DukeHub must be requested of SISS (Student Information Services and Systems). Once DukeHub access is granted faculty use their NetID and password to log in to the system and can access grade rosters via a grade roster icon found on each class listing. Faculty must successfully log on to DukeHub at least once within the previous twelve months or their DukeHub account becomes inactive.
  2. Grades may also be submitted via a Grade Roster printed from the Department Center in STORM. Class Rosters with grades noted will not be accepted. The Grade Roster printed from STORM must contain the appropriate grade for each student, the signature of the instructor, and the date when the Grade Roster was signed by the instructor. The paper Grade Roster should then be either hand-delivered, faxed (919-684-4500), or scanned and attached to an email ( to the Office of the University Registrar.

The identification of grades in Sakai is not the final step for grade submission. Grades may, however, be uploaded from Sakai into DukeHub. See Uploading Grades for STORM Online Grading for additional instructions.

Grades should never be sent in the text of an email, as email is not a secure means of communication.

If you are submitting grades via DukeHub, be sure to turn off your browser's pop-up blocker before attempting to submit grades. If you do not see a small pop-up window after clicking on the "submit grades" button, the pop-up blocker is turned on.