Grade Rosters

Grade rosters are found in DukeHub. How a user accesses the grade roster differs based on the role of the user.

Faculty should log into DukeHub and access the Dashboard.

Staff must log into DukeHub, open the Department Center, (1) choose the correct term, (2) find the row containing the course in question, and (3) click on the grade roster icon. The grade roster will open in the same window.

Navigate to Grade Roster under the menu items.  

  • Select the correct Term¬†
  • Select the caret to expand the course and view roster status
  • Select the View Details button. Select the class or Cross-listed class (if applicable) roster

Enter the appropriate grade in the Roster Grade column and save

  • To assign the same grade for multiple students, click the kabob and select Add Grade to Multiple Students. A check box appears at the left of each student. Checkmark the appropriate student and enter the Roster Grade at the top of the page. When completed, select Set to apply the grade. You will receive a Success message indicating Roster Grades were successfully updated.

  • All students in the Grade Roster must be graded before it can be approved. Once all grades are entered, select All Grades Submitted from the Approval Status and save.

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