Grade Submission Deadlines

The submission of midterm and final grades is governed by Faculty policy, as found in the Faculty Handbook, Chapter 6. 

The deadline for the submission of midterm grades is identified on the Academic Calendar.  The Academic Calendar is published about a year and a half prior to implementation.  This enables Faculty to incorporate the midterm grade submission deadline into the planning of course activities.

Final grades must be submitted within 24 hours of the final exam for all graduating students and within 48 hours of the final exam for all other students.  If no final exam is given in a course, grades are due within 24 and 48 hours of when the final exam would have been given according to the final exam schedule.  Graduating students are identified on the final grade roster with a "Yes" in the "Graduating" column.  Final grades should be submitted directly via DukeHub.  Grade rosters, however, can also be printed via DukeHub, completed, signed, dated, and hand-delivered to the Office of the University Registrar.

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