Catalog - Checking Course Numbers

All courses in the Duke University catalog must have a unique catalog number to differentiate offerings on a student's transcript. Catalog numbers that include a suffix cannot be used for a different course. In other words, SUBJECT 101 (lecture-only course) must be the same course as SUBJECT 101S (seminar version of course), 101A (study away version), 101L (lecture and lab version), etc.

To ensure a number can be used for a new course or cross-listed offering, ask yourself the following questions:

1. Has the catalog number been used before?
  • No—feel free to use.
  • Yes—the course must be inactive and must pass question 2.

Check Curriculum Management > Course Catalog > View Catalog or Course Catalog in DukeHub.

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2. Has the inactive course been offered in the past four years?
  • No—feel free to use the number.
  • Yes—If the course has been scheduled within the past four years with enrollment (meaning a current student could potentially have the course on their record), it cannot be used. If the previous scheduled offering had no enrollment, feel free to use the number again.

Use the second query (Historical Class Summary) under Reports in Department Center.

Navigation to report in Department Center

Check for the catalog number of the inactive course in the Catalog column. If it does not appear, there is no recent enrollment for the inactive course, which means its catalog number can be reused.