Class Notes (DukeHub)

Some classes may include additional information in the Class Notes that cannot be displayed on the Schedule of Classes, such as optional synchronous meeting patterns for online courses. These days and times will not appear on the Schedule of Classes or in a student's personal schedule/bookbag but should be considered during registration.

Before enrolling in an online course, make sure to check the Class Notes for any section using the steps below.

1. Search for a class in DukeHub.

  • Access DukeHub at
  • Navigate to the Registration tab and then either A) Advanced Class Search or B) Bookbag.
  • Click on any class to display the Class Detail.
A) Advanced Class Search

Student view of Search

B) Bookbag

View of Bookbag

3. In Class Detail, look for the Notes section.

  • Read the Class Notes for additional information that may affect enrollment.
  • NOTE: Any meeting pattern shown in the Class Notes will not appear on a student's personal schedule but should be considered during registration.
A) Advanced Class Search

View of Class Notes

B) Bookbag

View of Notes in Bookbag