Fall 2020 Scheduling (Faculty)


Changes to the Fall 2020 Academic Calendar and Course Schedule Policy require the Registrar's Office to remove all fall term class data and student enrollments. Using the new Course Schedule Policy, new fall classes will be created and students will be required to reregister in early August.


Scheduling Timeline

Date Step
June 5 Scheduling spreadsheets available in Duke Box
June 26 Completed scheduling spreadsheets due to Registrar
June 29-July 21 Schedule processing by Registrar, including classroom assignments
July 22-24 Final schedule review by departments

Online Offerings

All classes must be available in an online format or have an online counterpart to accommodate students who may not be able to attend class physically (due to travel restrictions, reduced class sizes due to social distancing guidelines, etc.).

  • We expect most classes to be listed as hybrid or online.
  • Hybrid classes must have an online-only counterpart.
  • Online and hybrid classes may have an in-person counterpart, but one is not required.

Online sections cannot have required synchronous meeting patterns. Optional synchronous meeting patterns may be requested and will be entered in the Class Notes to be visible to students on the Schedule of Classes. Online sessions should be recorded and made available for a student to review at a time convenient for the time zone in which they are located.

To facilitate the scheduling of online versions of in-person and hybrid classes, departments will not be required to enter these sections individually on the spreadsheet. For in-person and hybrid classes, the enrollment capacity, instructor(s), and optional synchronous meeting patterns should be provided in the Online Section column. If no information is provided, an online section will be created with an enrollment capacity of 1 and "Departmental Staff" as the instructor. Departments will be responsible for updating this information in the Department Center.

To help distinguish online-only sections from in-person and hybrid sections, an "O" suffix will be added to the end of sections numbers.

Enrollment Capacities

Classes with enrollment capacities of 60 or more must:

  • transition the large class to online, or
  • create smaller sections of the class, or
  • develop asynchronous, online, lecture-style modules that students review in advance, and then create smaller discussion or group chat sections that meet each week in-person, online, or a combination.

For the third option, if the course will add a discussion and a version of the course does not already exist in the catalog with a discussion section, the Registrar’s Office will create one. No course request is required unless the new course will require changes other than the addition of the discussion section.

We strongly suggest keeping capacities for in-person and hybrid courses below 40 for the best chance of room assignment. We will attempt to place larger classes, but capacities may need to be reduced if classrooms are not available. In-person or hybrid courses with enrollment capacity requests above 60 will still be reviewed, but enrollment may need to be reduced if a room can't be assigned.

The maximum enrollment capacity for online seminars is 18.

Distributional Requirements

Distributional requirements outlined in the Course Schedule Policy will not be strictly enforced, but departments are strongly encouraged to adhere to the requirements to accommodate the reduction in classroom availability resulting from necessary social distancing guidelines. The Registrar's Office will be flexible with requirements, but departments are expected to schedule classes throughout all times of the day and across days of the week to help with distribution.

Textbooks & Course Synopses

All information in DukeHub (which includes the course synopsis and textbook information) will be deleted starting the week of June 22. Instructors should make note of any previously entered information as a reference prior to this date.


Information about class data in Sakai will be shared as soon as it is available.