Issuing Permission Numbers - Staff

1. Go to Department Center in DukeHub

In Department Center, select the Class Options icon for the desired section

DukeHub Department Center

2. Click View "Add" Perms

Click Vew "Add" Perms under the Maintain Permission Numbers section to view available permission numbers.

View Add Permissions

3. Look for an available permission number

Generated permission numbers appear in the left column. The Registrar's Office generates 10 permission numbers for all classes that are scheduled at a specific point during the scheduling cycle. By default, these permission numbers expire at the end of drop/add and override a closed class, requisites not met, and consent required.

If there are no permission numbers available or you would like to issue a number with different permissions, you will need to generate a permission number.

List of Permission Numbers

Expiration Date and Overrides

4. Issue Permission Number

To issue a permission number, choose an available number and give it to the student by email or phone.

When issuing a permission number, be sure to check the Issued By checkbox. If the box is not checked, the same number may be issued to a second student. Permission numbers are only good for one-time use, so one of the students will not be able to enroll.

When the Issued By box is checked, the NetID of the user issuing the permission number appears in the Issued By column.

When the permission number is used, the student's ID number, name, and date used appear in the corresponding columns.

Permission Number Details