Preferred Name (DukeHub)

Duke students have access to add or change their preferred name in DukeHub. A student’s preferred name appears in the following locations:

  • Advisor Center (DukeHub)
  • Class and grade rosters (DukeHub)
  • Housing rosters

To add or change your preferred name, follow the steps below. To change your primary name, contact and include your student ID.

To change your email to reflect the name you use, visit

1. Go to Profile in DukeHub.

Click on the edit icon (✏️) in the Names section to make changes to your preferred name.

2. Create a new Preferred Name or revise an existing Preferred Name.

Select Add a new name if your preferred name does not already exist, or click the edit icon (✏️) to make changes to your current preferred name.

Enter information for preferred name, and select a date for the profile change to become effective in DukeHub. Click Save to complete the change.

3. Check DukeHub for new Preferred Name.

Close the edit window by clicking OK.

Your new preferred name will now appear in the Names section of your DukeHub profile.

  • Make sure all pop-up blockers have been turned off before attempting to make changes to your preferred name.
  • If an older version of a preferred name is still displaying after the new name has been saved, move to another page in DukeHub and then return to the Profile page.