Reserved Seats (DukeHub)

Some classes may reserve seats in a class for specific student groups. This information can be found in the Simple Class Search and may include additional details in the Class Notes.

View the reserved seats for an offering using the steps below.

1. Search for a class in DukeHub.

  • Access DukeHub at
  • Navigate to the Registration tab and then Class Search.
  • Click on any letter to expand subjects, and click any subject to expand offerings for the selected term.

View of Simple Search

2. Expand the details for a class, and check the Reserved Seating section.

  • Read the Reserved Seating section for additional information that may affect enrollment.
  • Crosslisted or paired classes may have additional details regarding the reserved seats. As stated in the Reserved Seating information, check the Class Notes for more information by clicking on View Detail for any class.
  • NOTE: Consult the Class Notes for additional information about availability and waitlist options.
A) Non-Crosslisted Class with Reserved Seats

View of BME

B) Crosslisted Class with Reserved Seats


    View of ARTSVIS