Summer Registration

Registration for Summer Session classes is optional, so the process requires students to take additional steps before enrollment. The Summer Session schedule of classes will be visible to all students. However, students will not be able to bookbag offerings or enroll in classes until they are term activated.

For term dates and registration deadlines, see the Academic Calendar.


Graduate School students will be made eligible to enroll by the Office of the University Registrar. All other students (except LAW, FUQUA, and KDDU) must request Summer Session enrollment through DukeHub.

1. Go to Registration in DukeHub.

In the Registration panel (left side of screen), look for Request Summer/Winter Enroll. Click the link immediately below to begin term activation for Summer Session.

2. Select your terms of enrollment.

Select Summer Term 1, Summer Term 2, or both, and click Submit.

3. Confirm your enrollment request.

Close the confirmation window by clicking OK.

Return to the Registration panel to bookbag classes and register for the Summer Session.

Registration Help