Below is a step-by-step guide to add yourself to the waitlist for a class.

Waitlist Guide

Important Reminders:

  • If all seats in a class have been claimed and a waitlist has been established, DukeHub will place students on the waitlist in the order in which they attempt to enroll in the class.
  • Being on a waitlist for a class does not guarantee eventual enrollment in the class.
  • Students should check their schedules periodically via DukeHub to determine waitlist status.

Reasons why a student will not enroll off the waitlist:

  1. Term Unit Limit Reached/Error: A waitlisted class will count towards the total class registration limit for the term. The student will need to drop a class or request a unit increase to accommodate the waitlisted class if the term limit has been met.
  2. Time Conflict Error: Students can waitlist a class that conflicts with another enrolled class, however, enrollment in the waitlisted class will not take place until the time conflict is resolved.
  3. Duplicate Course Error: Students who are enrolled in one section and waitlisted in another section of the same course will not be enrolled into the waitlisted section, as this would be a duplicate enrollment.

Purging Waitlists:

All waitlists with the exception of the Duke Law, Fuqua School of Business, Graduate School, Nicholas School of the Environment, Pratt School of Engineering (Professional Masters Programs), and the School of Nursing will be purged at the end of the first week of classes. During the second week of classes, all undergraduate courses below the 500 level will require a permission number.