An Introduction to FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is legislation governing student records. All Duke faculty and staff are obligated to comply with this act.

FERPA affords students three rights:

  1. the right to inspect their education records
  2. the right to limit the disclosure of their records
  3. the right to seek correction to their records.

The first two aspects being most related to faculty and staff roles on campus. Faculty and staff are encouraged to view a short FERPA tutorial found in the Duke LMS. After logging into the Duke LMS, type "FERPA"under the Catalog Search function. The result will provide the link to the tutorial. Learners self-register for the tutorial. Completion will be noted in the learning profile, but nothing more than completion (i.e., no quiz score).

Other ways to learn about FERPA:

More information about FERPA and the student records policy at Duke can be found here.

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