Auditing a Class

Students must meet all eligibility requirements and obtain prior approval of the instructor in order to audit a class. Forms must be submitted to the Office ot the University Registrar by 5:00 PM on the last day of drop/add for the term. For policies and eligibility criteria, see the University bulletin for your school.

Undergraduate student form: Course Audit Form 

Graduate student form (for courses above 500 level):

Audited courses count as part of a student's total allowable credits during registration, but they do not count toward course load when determining full-time and part-time status.  No course credit is earned for an audited class. Students may not take a class for audit and then later for credit. Students cannot audit the same class twice. Independent study courses can be taken as audit.

Though students are enrolled in audited courses, they do not receive a typical letter grade.  Instead, students who successfully complete an audited course will receive a grade of "AD" (audited). If a student does not successfully complete the audited course or withdraws, the student will receive a grade of "WA" (withdrawn from audited course).