Course Load

It is each student's responsibility to ensure that his/her course load each semester meets the full-time or part-time academic load requirements of their school or college. Students must enroll in the number of courses necessary to meet the approved course load by the end of the drop/add period. Placement on a wait list does not count toward meeting course load requirements. DukeHub will not permit you to enroll for more than the credit load limit without obtaining the approval of your dean or school.

  • Undergraduates: During windows, undergraduates may only register for up to a full course load of 4.0 course credits (not counting ROTC, music performance, physical education activity, dance technique/performance, or House courses in the 4.0 limit). During drop/add, the limit is 5.0 for Pratt and 5.5 for Trinity students.
  • Graduate/Professional: Course load requirements vary by school. Contact your advisor for your school's policies regarding course load requirements.