Graduate Pairings with Undergraduate Courses

Effective Fall 2018, graduate and professional students can no longer take undergraduate courses below the 500 level for credit. To take an undergraduate course for credit, a graduate-level version (numbered 500-999) must exist on the schedule as either a permanent course or special topics offering paired with the undergraduate version.

All graduate-level paired offerings must be approved through the Course Request System using one of two options:

  • Add Request (Option 1) 
  • Special Topics Request (Option 2)

Paired offerings must also be added to the DSV. In the notes for the course, the department must include:

  • "This course is paired with undergraduate offering SUBJECT XXX section number XX [e.g., MATH 190, section number 01]."
  • Request ID from Course Request System 

Paired offerings will not be scheduled until a course request is approved.


Independent studies are not viable options for paired graduate-undergraduate offerings.

Pairing undergraduate seminar courses with graduate/professional courses is not permitted.

Paired offerings must meet together in the same space at the same time with the same instructor.

Graduate and professional students can still take undergraduate-level courses for no credit with their dean's permission. If enrolled for no credit, graduate students will have either the audit (AUD) grading basis or the graduate/professional no credit (GPN) grading basis.


  • Option 1 only needs to be submitted once—it will create a course that can be scheduled again in future terms.
  • This option is preferred, especially if the undergraduate version is taken frequently by graduate students.
  • All course information can be copied from the undergraduate version but note:
    • Catalog number must be unique or inactive/unused within the last four years.
    • Course description must indicate graduate-level requirements.
    • Units should be 3.0 GRAD credits for most courses.
    • Short and long titles and format (lecture, lab, etc.) must match undergraduate version.
  • Option 2 needs to be resubmitted for use in future terms (one request per topic per term).
  • This option should be used if offering will be infrequent or if only a few students will take the course.
  • A special topics shell course must exist in the catalog first. Contact with any questions regarding your department's available special topics courses.
  • All course information can be copied from undergraduate version but note:
    • Course description must indicate graduate-level requirements; the department must include this description as part of the course synopsis in DukeHub.
    • Short and long titles and format (lecture, lab, etc.) must match undergraduate version.
    • Include a note in the Remarks section to indicate the course is being paired with the undergraduate offering.