Prerequisites may be listed in the catalog as either recommended or required.

Recommended Prerequisites:  Indicates an item which is built as a text-only note and which has no effect on student registration.

Required Prerequisites:  DukeHub will not restrict registration to students who meet the prerequisites unless those prereqs are hard-coded to the course.

Features of Prerequisite Hard-Coding:

A student cannot register for the section if:

  • the hard-coded prerequisite is not in the student’s academic history, OR
  • the student did not earn the minimum grade required by the prerequisite

A student can register for the section if the student

  • has the hard-coded prerequisite with the minimum grade in their academic history, OR
  • has been awarded transfer credit for the prerequisite, OR
  • has the prerequisite in progress.

If the course you plan to add has a prerequisite, that information will be listed in the course description. You are responsible for ensuring that you meet the prerequisite. If you do not meet the course prerequisites, you may be blocked from registering for the course or you may be administratively dropped from the class.