Study Abroad/Study Away

Undergraduate:  When undergraduates participate in study away programs (hosted by Duke or other institutions), they are placed on a Study Away Agreement. This agreement keeps a student’s enrollment status as active at Duke while away. When a Study Away Agreement has been approved, the Global Education Office will notify the Office of the University Registrar to add this agreement to the student’s record. A student will know that their agreement is in place if they see the course REG 100: Registration/Study Away on their schedule for their term away. If a student was previously enrolled in other courses for their term away, they will be removed and replaced with REG 100 by the Office of the University Registrar. For more information about Study Away Agreements and studying abroad, visit the Global Education Office.

Graduate/Professional:  Graduate/Professional students should contact their school’s records office for detailed information regarding the study abroad/study away process.