Verification of Data

Verification of personal data occurs periodically throughout the year to ensure that student records are updated with the correct information. Students will not be able to proceed to DukeHub until each section of data is verified.

  • International Students - For Visa purposes, all international students must have an address type of "International" with a corresponding address. This address is in addition to any ‘Home’ and/or ‘Mail’ address types that may exist. International students cannot proceed unless an international address is provided.
  • Duke PO Boxes - Sometimes problems exist for students who have closed a mailbox with Duke Postal Operations, but it still appears in DukeHub and cannot be changed. If this situation exists, students should submit the following information to name, student ID, mailbox number, and the date the mailbox was closed.
  • Affirm Duke Community Standard - All students are asked to confirm that they have read and agree to abide by the Duke Community Standard.