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Registration - Windows

Enrollment periods, or windows, are assigned to all students using DukeHub, and are indicated on the Student Center page in the Enrollment Dates area. Your window (specific date of eligibility to enroll) enables access to the enrollment process. All students must enroll for classes according to their assigned window date.

Graduate and Professional Students enrolled through Duke Divinity, Pratt - Engineering Professional, Graduate School, Nicholas School of the Environment, Sanford School of Public Policy, and School of Nursing register in the first window. Fuqua and Law school students should check with their school for specific registration information.

Seniors register in the second window. Juniors, Sophomores, and First-Year students register in the remaining windows. Class standing is based on each student's expected graduation term. Academic classes are sub-divided into groups, each according to the last two digits of Student ID numbers. Each sub-divided group is advanced from one semester to the next, moving up in order, then back to the last, to start forward again. Therefore, including the senior enrollment windows, each student will register in the first window for his or her class at least five times during his or her academic career.