Registration Windows - Fall 2017

Registration Windows Defined

  • Each semester registration opens with graduate and professional student registration, which starts on a Wednesday. 
  • Undergraduate registration starts on the following Thursday, with one day for all seniors.  
  • The remaining one-day windows are for the other academic classes, which register in turn. 
  • Academic class is based on expected graduation date.  
  • Academic classes are sub-divided into groups, each according to the last two digits of Student ID numbers. (The Student ID does NOT appear on your DukeCard. In DukeHub, your Student ID appears at the top of your Student Center home page.)
  • Each sub-divided group is advanced from one semester to the next, moving up to the first position, then back to the last, to start forward again.  
  • Therefore, each student will register in the first window for his or her class at least five times during his or her academic career.

Academic Class Definitions:

Senior means graduating in September 2017, December 2017, May 2018, September 2018, or December 2018.
Junior means graduating in May 2019, September 2019, or December 2019.
Sophomore means graduating in May 2020, September 2020, or December 2020.
First-Year means graduating in May 2021 or later.
Grad/Prof (Divinity School, Engineering Professional - Pratt School of Engineering, Graduate School, Nicholas School of Engineering, Sanford School of Public Policy, School of Nursing)

Fuqua and Law have their own registration schedules.

Graduate and Professional Students, Wednesday, April 5, 7:00am

Seniors, Thursday, April 6, 7:00am

Juniors - (last two digits of the Student ID)
00-49, Friday, April 7, 7:00am
50-99, Monday, April 10, 7:00am

Sophomores - (last two digits of the Student ID
00-49, Tuesday, April 11, 7:00am 
50-99, Thursday, April 13, 7:00am

First Year - (last two digits of the Student ID)
00-49, Tuesday, July 11, 12:00pm
50-99, Thursday, July 13, 12:00pm

Undergraduate advising begins on Monday, March 27, 2017.

Drop/add begins at 11:59 PM on April 14, 2017; Late Registration Fee ($50) will be charged after May 4, 2017.