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entrepreneurship and has assisted several companies at the start-up level in raising

capital and forming their organizations. In addition, Professor Wilson develops and

conducts executive education programs at the Fuqua School of Business on financial

reporting and strategic cost management. Prior to coming to Duke, Professor Wilson

served on the faculty at the Stern School of Business at New York University.

Robert L. Winkler,


James B. Duke Professor of Business Administration;


(University of Illinois), Ph.D. (University of Chicago).

Prior to joining the Duke faculty, Professor Winkler was at Indiana University, and

he has held visiting positions at the University of Washington, the International

Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Stanford University, and INSEAD. He served

as senior associate dean for faculty and research at Fuqua for six years. His primary

research interests involve Bayesian statistics, decision analysis, risk assessment, and

probability forecasting. Professor Winkler is the author of numerous research articles

and books, has served on the editorial boards of several journals, and was awarded the

Ramsey Medal for Distinguished Contributions to Decision Anaysis.

José Wynne,


Assistant Professor of Business Administration;

B. Econ.

(Universidad Nacional de La Plata), Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles).

Professor Wynne’s teaching interests include macroeconomics and international

economics. His research interests are in the areas of international economics, financial

markets and trade. His current work analyzes the role of financial imperfections in the

business cycles, trade and growth, and optimal bankruptcy law.

Paul H. Zipkin,


T. Austin Finch, Sr. Professor of Business Administration;


(Reed College), M.S. (University of California), Ph.D. (Yale University).

Professor Zipkin teaches operations. His research investigates the design and

operation of production and distribution systems and their analogues in service

industries. He has written numerous scholarly articles and serves on the editorial

boards of several journals. He co-edited a book ,

Logistics of Production and Inventory,

and his new book,

Foundations of Inventory Management,

has just been published.