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University Administration


Nannerl Overholser Keohane, Ph.D.,


Peter Lange, Ph.D.,


Ralph Snyderman, M.D.,

Chancellor for Health Affairs and Executive Dean, School of Medicine

Tallman Trask III, M.B.A., Ph.D.,

Executive Vice-President

John F. Burness, A.B.,

Senior Vice-President for Public Affairs and Government Relations

John J. Piva, Jr., B.A.,

Senior Vice-President for Alumni Affairs and Development

H. Clint Davidson, Jr., M.B.A.,

Vice-President for Human Resources

Sally M. Dickson, J.D.,

Vice-President for Institutional Equity

Michael J. Mandl, M.A.,

Vice-President for Financial Services

Larry Moneta, Ed.D.,

Vice-President for Student Affairs

Thruston B. Morton III, B.A.,

President of Duke Management Company

Robert S. Shepard, Ph.D.,

Vice-President for University Development

N. Allison Haltom, A.B.,

Vice-President and University Secretary

David B. Adcock, J.D.,

University Counsel

R. Sanders Williams, M.D.,

Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine

William J. Donelan, M.S.,

Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs and Executive Vice-President/Chief Financial

Officer, Duke University Health System

Michael Israel, M.P.H.,

Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs and Chief Executive Officer, Duke University


Steven Rum, M.S.,

Vice Chancellor for Development and Alumni Affairs

Jean Gaillard Spaulding, M.D.,

Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs

Robert L. Taber, Ph.D.,

Vice-Chancellor for Science and Technology Developmant

R.C. "Bucky" Waters, M.A.,

Vice Chancellor for Special Projects

Gordon D. Williams, B.A.,

Vice Chancellor for Medical Center Operations and Vice-Dean for Administration

and Finance, School of Medicine

William H. Willimon, S.T.D.,

Dean of the Chapel

Joseph L. Alleva, M.B.A.,

Director of Athletics

The Fuqua School of Business Administration

Douglas T. Breeden,


Robert H. Ashton,

Dean of The Fuqua School of Business—Europe

John W. Payne, Ph.D.,

Deputy Dean

James E. Smith, Ph.D.,

Associate Dean for the MBA Program

Karen S. Cochran,

Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

Nevin W. Fouts,

Associate Dean for Information Technology

James A. Gray III,

Associate Dean for Marketing and Communications

Alison H. Ashton, Ph.D.,

Associate Dean for Executive MBA Programs

Debu Purohit,

Associate Dean for the Cross-Continent Program

Jill Worthington,

Associate Dean for Administration

Richard Staelin, Ph.D.,

Associate Dean for Executive Education

Daniel R. Nagy,

Associate Dean for Admissions and Corporate Relations

James R. Bettman, Ph.D.,

Director of the Ph.D. Program

Margaret A. Trauner, M.B.A, M.L.S.,