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In his indenture establishing Duke University, James Buchanan Duke called for, among many

other components of a research university, a school of business administration. The Board of Trustees

of Duke University, in 1969, established the Graduate School of Business Administration with a

mandate to provide programs in management education of the highest quality. In 1980 the school was

renamed to honor J.B. Fuqua of Atlanta, Georgia, who is an emeritus member of the University’s Board

of Trustees and an active member of the Board of Visitors at The Fuqua School of Business. Mr. Fuqua

continues to support the school through his generosity and his participation in its programs.

The mission of The Fuqua School of Business is to provide the highest quality education for

business and academic leaders, and promote the advancement of the understanding and practice of

management through research. Our approach is to prepare men and women to meet their career

opportunities with a strong education which balances generalist and functional skills, as well as with

an awareness of the need to balance individual leadership and a sense of team. We seek students who

possess high academic standards and demonstrate the ability to think creatively. These are important

qualities for business leadership and are reflected in the orientation of our entire program. As a school,

we are committed to retaining our flexibility and our responsiveness to management needs as they arise

in the business communities of the world.

Our heritage at Duke is a tradition of excellence in education. At Fuqua we have built on this

heritage to develop programs that enable graduates to meet the challenges of leadership in business,

government and educational organizations.