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Romance Studies 247 Slavic, Eurasian, and East European Studies 253 Slavic Languages and Literatures 254 Sociology (SOCIOL) 259 Institute of Statistics and Decision Sciences (STA) 262 University Program in Structural Biology and Biophysics 265 Teaching College Biology 266 The Master of Arts in Teaching Program (MAT) 266 Women’s Studies (WOMENST) 267 Special Study Centers, Programs, and



Center for Advanced Computing and Communication 271 Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development 271 Asian/Pacific Studies Institute (APSI) 272 Center for Child and Family Policy 272 Center for Cognitive Neuroscience 272 Center for Demographic Studies 273 Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines 273 Center for Documentary Studies 273 Center for Emerging Cardiovascular Technologies 273 Center for European Studies 274 John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and

International Studies


Center for Geometric and Biological Computing 274 Duke Center for International Development 274 Center for International Studies 275 Kenan Institute for Ethics 275 Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies 275 Center for North American Studies and Canadian Studies Program 276 Oak Ridge Associated Universities 276 Office of Research Support 277 Center for Tropical Conservation 278 Organization for Tropical Studies 278 Resources for Study 280 The Libraries 281 Science Laboratories 283 Student Life 292 Living Accommodations 293 Dining Services 293 Services Available 294 Student Affairs 296 Index 300