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8 Administration

University Administration


Richard H. Brodhead, Ph.D.,


Victor J. Dzau, M.D.,

Chancellor for Health Affairs; and President and Chief Executive Officer, Duke University

Health System, Inc.

Peter Lange, Ph.D.,


Thruston B. Morton III, B.A.,

President of Duke Management Company

Tallman Trask III, M.B.A., Ph.D.,

Executive Vice-President

David B. Adcock, J.D.,

University Counsel

Joseph L. Alleva, M.B.A.,

Director of Athletics

John F. Burness, A.B.,

Senior Vice-President for Public Affairs and Government Relations

H. Clint Davidson, Jr., M.B.A.,

Vice-President for Human Resources

Kemel Dawkins, B.A.,

Vice-President for Campus Services

William J. Donelan, M.S.,

Vice-Chancellor for Health Affairs and Executive Vice-President/Chief Operating

Officer, Duke University Health System, Inc.

Tracy Futhey, M.S.,

Vice-President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

N. Allison Haltom, A.B.,

Vice-President and University Secretary

B. Hofler Milam, M.B.A.,

Vice-President for Financial Services

Larry Moneta, Ed.D.,

Vice-President for Student Affairs

Benjamin D. Reese, Jr. Psy.D.,

Vice-President for Institutional Equity

James S. Roberts, Ph.D.,

Executive Vice-Provost for Finance and Administration

Steven A. Rum, M.S.,

Vice-Chancellor for Development and Alumni Affairs

Robert S. Shepard, Ph.D.,

Vice-President for Alumni Affairs and Development

Robert L. Taber, Ph.D.,

Vice-Chancellor for Science and Technology Development

R. C. “Bucky” Waters, M.A.,

Vice-Chancellor for Special Projects

Gordon D. Williams, B.A.,

Vice-Chancellor for Operations, Duke University Medical Center; and Vice-Dean for

Administration and Finance, School of Medicine; and Vice-President for Administration, Duke University

Health System, Inc.

R. Sanders Williams, M.D.,

Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Dean of the School of Medicine

William H. Willimon, S.T.D.,

Dean of the Chapel


Lewis Siegel, Ph.D.,

Dean of the Graduate School

A. Leigh DeNeef, Ph.D.,

Associate Dean

Bertie S. Belvin, M.A.,

Associate Dean

Jacqueline Looney, Ph.D.,

Associate Dean

Valarie Piper James, M.P.A.,

Assistant Dean


Lewis Siegel,


Leigh DeNeef,

Associate Dean

David Bell

(Romance Studies)

Jim Bettman


Phil Costanzo

(Psychology: Social and Health Sciences)

Michael Fitzgerald


Craufurd Goodwin


Cynthia Herrup


Richard MacPhail


David McClay


Michael Munger

(Political Science)

Chris Nicchitta

(Cell Biology)

Terrence Oas


Ann Marie Pendergast (

Pharmacology and Cancer Biology)

Monty Reichert

(Biomedical Engineering)

Roxanne Springer


Ken Surin


Annabel Wharton

(Art and Art History)

Lawrence Virgin

(Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science)