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Richard H. Brodhead, PhD,


Victor J. Dzau, MD,

Chancellor for Health Affairs; and President and Chief Executive Officer, Duke University Health System, Inc.

Peter Lange, PhD,


Tallman Trask III, MBA, PhD,

Executive Vice-President

Neal F. Triplett, MBA,

President of DUMAC, LLC

Pamela Bernard, JD,

Vice-President and University Counsel

Robert M. Califf, MD,

Vice-Chancellor for Clinical Research

Kyle Cavanaugh, MBA,

Vice-President for Human Resources

Tracy Futhey, MS,

Vice-President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer

Scott Gibson, MBA,

Executive Vice-Dean for Administration, School of Medicine

Catherine Lynch Gilliss, DNSc,

Vice-Chancellor for Nursing Affairs and Dean of the School of Nursing

B. Hofler Milam, MBA,

Vice-President for Finance and Treasurer

Larry Moneta, EdD,

Vice-President for Student Affairs

Molly K. O’Neill, MSHA,

Vice-Chancellor for Medical Center Integrated Planning; and Vice-President for Business Development and Chief

Strategic Planning Officer, Duke University Health System, Inc.

Benjamin D. Reese, Jr., PsyD,

Vice-President for Institutional Equity

Richard V. Riddell, PhD,

Vice-President and University Secretary

James S. Roberts, PhD,

Executive Vice-Provost for Finance and Administration

Michael J. Schoenfeld, MS,

Vice-President for Public Affairs and Government Relations

Robert S. Shepard, PhD,

Vice-President for Alumni Affairs and Development

Robert L. Taber, PhD,

Vice-Chancellor for Corporate and Venture Development

Samuel M. Wells, PhD,

Dean of the Chapel

Kevin White, PhD,

Vice-President and Director of Athletics

Huntington F. Willard, PhD,

Vice-Chancellor for Genome Sciences and Director of the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy

R. Sanders Williams, MD,

Senior Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Duke Medicine; Senior Advisor for International Strategy

Phail Wynn, Jr., MBA, EdD,

Vice-President for Durham and Regional Affairs


Peter Lange, PhD,


Nancy B. Allen, MD,

Vice-Provost for Faculty Diversity and Faculty Development

Bruce W. Cunningham, PhD,

Assistant Vice-Provost, University Registrar and Director, Student Service Center

Kimberly Harris, BS,

Director, Academic Human Resources

Deborah Jakubs, PhD,

University Librarian and Vice-Provost for Library Affairs

David Jamieson-Drake, PhD,



Institutional Research

Deborah A. Johnson, PhD,

Assistant Vice-Provost and Director of Administrative and Community Support Services

Jacqueline Looney, PhD,

Associate Vice-Provost for Academic Diversity and Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Gilbert Merkx, PhD,

Vice-Provost for International Affairs and Development

Stephen Nowicki, PhD,

Dean and Vice-Provost for Undergraduate Education

Amy Oates, BA,



Academic Financial Services and Systems

Katharine Pfeiffer, MA,

Assistant Vice-Provost and Director, Student Information Services and Systems

James S. Roberts, PhD,

Executive Vice-Provost for Finance and Administration

Susan Roth, PhD,

Vice-Provost for Interdisciplinary Studies

James N. Siedow, PhD,

Vice-Provost for Research

John Simon, PhD,

Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs

Jo Rae Wright, PhD,

Vice-Provost and Dean of the Graduate School


Jo Rae Wright, PhD,


David F. Bell III, PhD,

Senior Associate Dean

Jacqueline Looney, EdD,

Senior Associate Dean

Cynthia Robertson, MBA,

Associate Dean


Jo Rae Wright, PhD,


David F. Bell III, PhD,

Senior Associate Dean

Ann Marie Rasmussen (German),


Steven Baldwin (Chemistry),

Vice Chair

Melanie Bonner (Psychology)

Merlise Clyde (Statistical Sciences)

Linda Davis (Nursing)

Sheila Dillon (Art, Art History, and Visual Studies)

John French (History)

Sönke Johnsen (Biology)

James Moody (Sociology)

Terrence Oas (Biochemistry)

Lori Setton (Biomedical Engineering)

Raphael Valdivia (Molecular Genetics and Microbiology)

Priscilla Wald (English)

Anne West (Neurobiology)

Thomas Witelski (Mathematics)