2017-18 Bulletin of the Duke University Graduate School

Index 339 T Teaching, courses in the Master of Arts in 205 Theater Studies, courses in 301 Thesis Requirements, Master’s Degree 56 Tibetan, courses in 292 TOEFL/IELTS Policy for International Applicants 37 Tropical Conservation, Center for 315 Tropical Studies, Organization for 315 Tuition Master’s 41 PhD 41 Turkish, courses in 277 U Ukrainian, courses in 278 University Mission Statement 3 University Program in Ecology, courses in the 123 University Program in Environmental Health 195 University Program in Environmental Policy 153 University Program in Genetics, courses in the 177 V Versatile Humanists at Duke 316 Visual and Media Studies, courses in 80 Visual Arts, courses in 79 W Withdrawal from a Course 49 Withdrawal, Refunds for 42 Women’s Center 334 Work-Study Program Employment 47 Writing, courses in 301