2017-18 Bulletin of the Duke University School of Law

The Distinction of Duke 15 Internationalization Duke is home to one of the strongest international and comparative law programs in the country. Its full-time faculty includes experts in public international law, international trade law, global capital and financial markets, international intellectual property law, international investments, sovereign debt, comparative corporate governance, US foreign relations law, global environmental law, international criminal law, and global health. The program is highly regarded both for its broad scope and high level of activity. Through this highly interdisciplinary program, the international and comparative law faculty routinely engage in scholarly collaboration, faculty workshops, and conferences with schools and departments across campus. Students studying international and comparative law also routinely take classes outside the law school. Much of Duke’s distinction in this field can be credited to the interdisciplinary character of the university overall. Duke’s strength in international and comparative law is further reflected in the extensive variety of degree programs it offers. Its JD/ LLM program gives US law students an opportunity to earn a specialized degree in international law. Duke also has a competitive program for foreign lawyers seeking an LLM degree in US law, as well as an SJD program for internationally trained lawyers who wish to earn a US doctorate in law. Duke fully integrates its international students in the curricular and extracurricular life of the school. Its summer institute in transnational law (which will relocate in 2018 from Geneva, Switzerland to Leiden, Netherlands) is among the best summer programs offered by any law school. Another four-week intensive program at Duke Law is designed to introduce international students and visitors coming to Duke to the American law school experience. Additional activities and resources for students include the student-edited Duke Journal of Comparative and International Law , active student organizations focused on issues of international law and human rights such as the International Law Society, and the International Human Rights Clinic. The law school, through its Center for International and Comparative Law, also regularly brings in speakers to address topics relating to international and comparative law and sponsors conferences focused on this area of study.