2017-18 Bulletin of the Duke University School of Nursing

The Mission of Duke University 3
2017-2018 Academic Calendar 6
Graduate Programs (Except Nurse Anesthesia) 6
Nurse Anesthesia Students in the DNP Program 8
ABSN Program 10
Administration 12
General Information 18
History of Duke University 19
History of Duke University Medical Center 19
History of Duke University School of Nursing 19
School of Nursing Facilities 20
Educational Resources 20
Clinical Facilities 23
School of Nursing Overview 24
Mission 25
Goals of the Duke University School of Nursing 25
Philosophy 25
Teaching/Learning 26
Statement of Diversity and Inclusion 26
Core Values 26
Programs 27
Academic Degree Programs: Descriptions 28
Postdoctoral Fellowship Program 31
Certificates 31
Admission Requirements 34
Admission Requirements for the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) Degree Program 35
Admission Requirements for the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Degree Program 36
Admission Requirements for the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Degree Program 37
Admission Requirements for the PhD Program 39
International Student Requirements 40
Admission Requirements for the Post-Graduate Certificate (PGC) 41
Admission Requirements for Specialty Certificates 42
Admission Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics 42
Nondegree Enrollment Option 42
Admission Requirements for the Population Care Coordinator Certificate Program (PCCP) 43
Admission Requirements for the WSSU-Duke Nursing Bridge to the Doctorate 43
Academic Policies and Procedures 46
Overview 47
Pre-Enrollment Requirements for Academic Programs 47
Program Clearance Requirements 47
Enrollment Policies 49
Student Progression with Course of Study 49
Adding, Dropping, or Withdrawing from a Course 50
Transfer of Credits 50
Clinical Learning Experiences 51
Attendance 51
Academic Warning and Academic Probation 51
Separation from the School of Nursing 52
Degree Completion and Graduation 53
General Information about Academic Programs 54
Student Handbooks 54
Standards of Conduct 55
Program Requirements 62
Degree Requirements for MSN by Major and Specialty 65
DNP with Specialization in Nurse Anesthesia 81
Doctor of Nursing Practice Executive Leadership Specialty 83
Coursework Requirements for All PhD Students 84
Additional Requirements of the PhD Program 85
PGC: Majors and Specialties 86
Post-Graduate Certificate Requirements 86
Courses of Instruction 88
Financial Aid 106
Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing: Financial Aid 107
Master of Science in Nursing: Financial Aid 108
Doctor of Nursing Practice: Financial Aid 108
PhD Program in Nursing: Financial Aid 109
Post-Graduate Certificate Options: Financial Aid 110
Graduate Certificate in Health Informatics: Financial Aid 110
Applying for Financial Aid 110
Additional Resources 112
School of Nursing Scholarships 112
Tuition and Fees 116
Tuition 117
Fees 117
Payment of Accounts 119
Refunds 119
Student Life 120
Student Government 121
School of Nursing Associations 121
Alumni Associations 122
Student Affairs and Campus Life 123
Index 124