Biographical and Demographic Changes

Name, Social Security Number, Sex, and Date of Birth Changes - Fax or bring legal documentation of a change to the Office of the University Registrar. Legal documentation to substantiate these changes is required and might include: court-issued decree, passport, birth certificate, or Social Security card. Please contact our office for specific information pertaining to your specific request.

Address Changes - Most address changes can be made by logging into DukeHub. If you are an on-campus student, your local address can only be changed by the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Post office box changes can only be made by the Duke Post Office.

Student address information contained in DukeHub is the source for the telephone book, student locator, email directory, Duke operators, as well as for mailing bills and other important University information. Employment records for student employees and payment records for noncompensatory recipients are maintained by Corporate Payroll Services. If you are an active student employee, visit the employee self-service system, Duke@Work, to update your address. If you currently receive noncompensatory payments (scholarships, fellowships, etc. issued on the last day of the month) or you previously received payments as a student employee or a noncompensatory recipient, please contact your previous Department Payroll Representative or visit here and complete the Terminated Employee/Student Address Change Form. Any individual who received a payment from Duke should provide an updated address to allow tax documentation to be distributed for the last year in which he/she received a payment from Duke. Complete the Terminated Employee/Student Address Change Form and mail an original, signed copy to Corporate Payroll Services, Box 90484, Durham, NC 27708-0484. Direct any questions to Corporate Payroll Services at 919-684-2642 or to

If you have questions, call us at 919-684-2813.