Replacement Diplomas

Duke University provides only one diploma to its graduates, whether original or replacement. If you have lost your diploma and wish to have a replacement diploma made, you must fill out a Request for Replacement Diploma Form, certifying how your diploma was lost, misplaced, or damaged. The form must be notarized and must include the notary seal. The original signed form, not a copy, must be returned along with a $35 replacement fee, made payable to Duke University. In cases where the original diploma has been marred beyond legibility, the original diploma must be returned along with the Request for Replacement Diploma Form. Please allow eight weeks for processing. In accordance with University policy, a statement of replacement will be printed above the seal on the diploma. It does not mar the appearance nor detract from the value of the actual diploma. The format of the replacement diploma will be the format that was used in the year you received your degree. To obtain a Request for Replacement Diploma Form, please send an email to, providing an explanation for your need of a replacement diploma.

Please refer to Letters of Degree/Diploma/Transcript Authentication for information regarding working abroad or returning to a home country. These documents are more quickly produced than replacement diplomas and will often fulfill the same need.