Name, Social Security Number, Sex/Gender, and Date of Birth Changes

Fax or bring legal documentation of a change to the Office of the University Registrar. Legal documentation to substantiate these changes is required and might include: court-issued decree, passport, birth certificate, or Social Security card. Email the Registrar's Office for specific information pertaining to your request.

Address Changes

Most address changes can be made by logging into DukeHub. If you live on-campus, your Campus Res Hall/Apartment address can only be changed by Housing and Residence Life. Changes to Duke PO Box numbers found in the Mailing - Duke PO Box address can only be made by the Duke Post Office. Contact those offices if you see information that you believe is incorrect.

If you do not reside in a Duke Residence Hall or Apartment you must provide a Current Address.

  • This address is where you are residing during the Academic Term.
  • It does not have to be local to the Duke campus.
  • It could be the same as an address already listed, such as your home address.

Student address information contained in DukeHub is the source for the telephone book, student locator, email directory, Duke operators, as well as for mailing bills, and other important University correspondence.

Student Employee and Noncompensatory Recipient Address Changes
Active Student Employee:
  • Records are maintained by Corporate Payroll Services.
  • Visit Duke@Work to update your address.
Noncompensatory Recipient and Former Student Employee:

If you received any payment from Duke, you should provide a valid address at which to receive tax documents.

Contact Corporate Payroll Services at (919) 684-2642 or with questions.