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AP/IB/IPC Credit

Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), and other International Placement Credit (IPC) scores received through recognized programs (i.e., College Board, IBO) should be submitted directly to the Office of the University Registrar. Information on how to submit scores can be found below. We recommend that scores be submitted prior to first-year registration, but there is no submission deadline except prior to graduation. No approval is necessary to have AP/IB/IPC scores added to a student's record. Specific information regarding the applicability of AP/IB/IPC credit to a Duke student's record can be found on the appropriate school website—Trinity or Pratt.

IMPORTANT NOTE—Student self-reported AP scores submitted to, and entered by, Undergraduate Admissions are not eligible for Duke equivalent course credit. All AP scores must come directly from College Board to Duke University.

Information on How to Submit Scores

Advanced Placement (AP)

Go to the following link and follow the instructions to begin the submit process:

You will need to enter Duke University's four digit code 5156 on the AP answer sheet.

Log in to the following link to send your scores to Duke University:

If your last AP Exam was over four years ago, you will have to go to College Board's archived request link and complete the Archived Scores Request Form.

International Baccalaureate (IBO)

Go to this IBO link to have your exam scores submitted to Duke University:

To submit your transcript request electronically, visit

International Placement Credit (IPC)

International Placement Credit varies by country. We will accept a copy of the official test score transcript directly from the student as they are typically the only recipient of their score report. Depending on the IPC and country, we will determine whether or not what the student provides is sufficient on a case-by-case basis and contact them if we have further requirements. Approved international exams can be found on your appropriate school website—Trinity or Pratt.