Prematriculation Credit

College credit earned at another institution of higher education while enrolled as a high school student may qualify as credit that can be transferred to Duke. Duke policy requires that a student provide the following documentation in support of a request to transfer college-level work completed prior to high school graduation:

  1. Transcripts
    An official transcript bearing the Registrar's seal, or its equivalent, from the college or university.
  2. Course Descriptions
    Detailed course descriptions or syllabi for all courses taken to enable course evaluation.
  3. College/University Confirmation
    Confirmation from the college or university that the courses were,
    a) taught on the college or university campus and not at an off-campus location,
    b) taught by a regular member of the college or university faculty,
    c) taken in competition with degree candidates of the college or university, and
    d) offered as a regular part of the curriculum of the college or university.
    (Provide the form prematriccollege.pdf for completion by the college or university.)
  4. High School Confirmation
    Confirmation from the high school principal or guidance counselor that the course(s) were not used to satisfy high school graduation requirements.
    (Provide the form prematrichighschool.pdf for completion by your high school.)

All supporting documentation for students admitted to the Pratt School of Engineering should be submitted to:

Dean Carmen Rawls
305 Teer Engineering Library
Box 90271
Duke University
Durham, NC 27708-0271
Phone: 919-660-5386

All supporting documentation for students admitted to the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences should be submitted to:

Harry Nelson
Office of the University Registrar
1121 W. Main Street, Suite 1200
Duke University
Durham, NC 27701
Phone: 919-684-2813

Please be aware of these additional rules:

  • Courses taken after the commencement of the junior year of high school in which you received a grade of B- or better DO TRANSFER, if there is a Duke equivalent course.
  • Courses taken prior to the commencement of the junior year of high school DO NOT TRANSFER, nor do courses taken by correspondence (i.e. online).
  • Study Abroad Program courses completed prior to matriculation at Duke DO NOT TRANSFER.
  • English composition courses DO NOT TRANSFER (Duke's University Writing course is required of all students).
  • Mathematics courses below calculus DO NOT TRANSFER; calculus courses must be at the Duke level to transfer.
  • A maximum of two courses taken by extension may transfer.
  • Prematriculation credits are not given Area of Knowledge or Mode of Inquiry codes and may not be used to fulfilll curriculum requirements or continuation requirements.