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Transfer Credit - Undergraduates

Are you considering taking a course at another college or university and hope to transfer it to your Duke academic record? If so, Trinity students should read the information on transfer credit as found in T-Reqs, and Pratt students should do the same at Policies and Procedures before confirming your plans. Once you have confirmed your intention to move forward, do the following:

  • Pick up a "Tentative Approval of Courses" form from your Academic Dean.
  • Assemble supporting documentation:
    1. an official description of the course(s) you propose to take
    2. a copy of the course schedule bulletin from the institution you will be attending that clearly indicates the meeting times and days for the course, along with a copy of the academic calendar
  • Secure approval of content by presenting the "Tentative Approval of Courses" form and the assembled supporting documentation to the appropriate Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS) for his/her review. The DUS will sign the form if the content of the course is deemed equivalent to a Duke course.
  • Bring the "Tentative Approval of Courses" form, signed by the DUS, along with the supporting documentation, to your academic dean's office. The dean will REVIEW your materials to ensure that the course is equivalent to a Duke "semester course credit" in terms of the number of "contact hours" and will specify the amount of credit that can be transferred to Duke upon completion of the course. *When your academic dean signs the "Tentative Approval of Courses" form, the pre-approval process will be complete.
  • Complete the approved course(s) at the visited institution and arrange for the visited institution to send an OFFICIAL electronic or hard-copy transcript directly to the Office of the University Registrar. Hard copies must be sent in a SEALED envelope. (You must earn a C- or better to receive Duke credit for work completed at another US university. Your grade, however, will not be recorded at Duke and will not be included in your GPA.)

For a more detailed look at transfer credit and the various forms needed, go to Pratt Policies & Procedures or Trinity T-Reqs.

If you plan on studying abroad you will need to contact the Global Education Office for Undergraduates.

If you took college courses in your junior or senior year of high school and want them to be on your Duke record click the following link prematriculation credit to see what is required.

If you have International Placement or AP credit, Pratt students should visit here, while Trinity students should go here.