The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for compiling, producing, and maintaining the bulletin for each school at Duke University. The content for the bulletins is established by the schools in conjunction with the Duke University Bulletins Policy.

All bulletins are published online and serve as static documents for historical records of the university. The university reserves the right to change programs of study, academic requirements, teaching staff, the calendar, and other matters described herein without prior notice, in accordance with established procedures.

For questions about the bulletins, please contact Maggie Douglas, Assistant University Registrar, at

2023-2024 Duke University Bulletins

The 2023-2024 Duke University Bulletins are now online! Go to to view the Duke University Bulletin. Each of Duke's schools has its own bulletin that you can access in the University Bulletins dropdown menu in the top-right corner of the site, or use the links in the table below to go directly to a school's bulletin.

23-24 Home page bulletin image
SchoolBulletin LinkSchoolBulletin Link
The Divinity Schooldivinity.bulletins.duke.eduFuqua School of
The Graduate Schoolgraduateschool.bulletins.duke.eduSchool of
School of Medicinemedicine.bulletins.duke.eduNicholas School of the
School of Nursingnursing.bulletins.duke.eduPratt School of Engineering Professional
Sanford School of Public Policysanford.bulletins.duke.eduUndergraduate

Duke Community Standard

Duke University has established The Duke Community Standard to serve as a fundamental guide for all personal and professional behavior of its students, faculty, and staff.

Bulletin Archives


All archived Duke University Bulletins from 1999 to present are publicly available in the Duke Box folder linked below.

Duke University Archived Bulletins Duke Box

Prior to 1999

Prior to the year 1999, all bulletins from the same year were archived and bound as one book titled Bulletins of Duke University. The Duke University Library has digitized versions of these books and made them available online. To access these bulletins, use this Box Excel spreadsheet to identify the link for the year you need. Several of the bulletins had to be divided into volumes because the printed documents were too large to bind in one volume.

Bulletins of Duke University Archives