Faculty and staff at Duke have access to helpful student data via several self-service options. Please use the list below to determine what type of data you may already have access to, and where to locate it:

  • Department Center Reports. Visit Help guide: Department Center Reports to learn more.
  • BI Publisher Reports. BI Publisher (BIP) reports be accessed from Oracle Business Intelligence report pages and reference real-time data in DukeHub. BI Publisher reports may be run using Query Report Viewer or Scheduler. These reports are available only to designated Duke staff and faculty with approved security privileges. BI Publisher reports are available upon request.
  • Data Visualizations
  • Common Data Set (Office of Institutional Research)
  • Office of Assessment. The Office of Assessment in Trinity College oversees and implements course evaluation administration, studies of general education learning outcomes, program reviews, advising and academic support services, evidence-guided policy development, faculty-led competitive grants, and compliance certification, QEP development, and QEP assessment. The office offers various services, including, but not limited to reports and visualizations in the form of Tableau dashboards that are available to the Duke community on a permission basis that must be authorized by the department chair.

If none of the self-service options above meet your need, please submit an ad hoc data request.