Apply for Graduation

To apply for graduation, follow the steps below. If you have already submitted your application and need to change your degree name and/or address, contact your school to update this information. A list of contacts is available below.

NOTE: The Apply for Graduation form is not used by Trinity students. These undergraduate students will receive a Notification of Intent to Graduate form (or Diploma form) via email. For more information, visit this page of the Trinity site.

1. Go to Forms & Requests in DukeHub.

Click on the Apply for Graduation form to begin.

Select your Academic Program from the available options.

Then select your Expected Graduation Term.

2. Enter or revise your Degree Name.

Click Update Degree name to enter or revise the name that will appear on your diploma and graduation materials. First and last name are required fields; the middle name may be left blank if desired.

NOTE: The degree name will appear on your diploma exactly as shown.

Optional: Click Update Phonetic name to provide pronunciation instructions for your name. This name will be visible only to graduation staff; it will not be printed on your diploma or appear on any graduation publications.

If you edit the phonetic name, you must include both a first and last name; the middle name may be left blank. You will receive an error message if either first or last name is left blank. Phonetic names can be updated in the Profile section after the application has been submitted.

3. Enter, revise, or select an existing address to be used as your Degree Address.

If you will not be attending your graduation ceremony, your diploma will be sent to your designated degree address.

To identify an existing address from your Profile as your degree address, check Send To My Address and select from the available options. Click Continue to move to the final step of the application.

To identify a new address as your degree address, click Update Degree address.

Enter all necessary information, and click OK to close the window and save your changes. Click Change Country to enter an international address.

4. Review and submit your application.

Review your degree name and address. To change any of the information shown, click Change Names or Change Degree Address. Click Submit Your Application to complete the form.

After you have submitted your application, you can view your degree name and address by clicking Review Application. However, you will not be able to revise either field at this point. To update your degree name and/or address, contact the affiliate for your school (see list below). Exit the form window by clicking Close.

If your submission was successful, you will see the status change in the Forms & Requests section of DukeHub.

5. Confirm that your personal information in Profile is correct.

Your degree name and address will now appear in the Profile section of DukeHub.

NOTE: Once the Apply for Graduation form has been submitted, you will not be able to revise your degree name and/or address in DukeHub. To make a change to your degree name and/or address, you must contact your school directly. A list of contacts is available below.

  • Make sure all pop-up blockers have been turned off before attempting to submit the Apply for Graduation form.
  • If the status of your Apply for Graduation form does not change in Forms & Requests, submit your request again, making sure to fill out all empty fields in the Degree Name and Phonetic Name sections. A blank first or last name will prevent a successful submission of the form.
  • If any other information on your graduation application is incorrect (including your concentration, milestone, or advisor), contact your school.

Graduation Contacts

School Name of Contact Email
Divinity School Deb Hackney
Fuqua School of Business Pam White
Sharon Campen
The Graduate School Helene McAdams
John Klingensmith
Nicholas School of the Environment Erika Lovelace
Pratt School of Engineering (undergraduate) Jennifer Ganley
Pratt School of Engineering (graduate) Tracie Foust
Kelsey Liddle
Sanford School of Public Policy Anita Lyon
Linda Simpson
School of Law Tracy Soderberg
School of Medicine Marcie Ellis
Lori Crooks
School of Nursing Bebe Mills
Trinity School of Arts & Sciences Trinity Graduation Staff
Duke Kunshan University (Fuqua) Ann Li
Sharon Campen
Duke Kunshan University (The Graduate School) Shuyu Guan
Helene McAdams
Duke Kunshan University (NSOE/Sanford) Xue Qiu
Tatiana Sherman