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After a student declares a first or second major, the department must assign them an advisor in DukeHub Department Center.

  • From Department Center, click Advisors.
    Screenshot of Department Center with a red box around the Advisors link.
  • Enter Career, Program, and Plan, or use the magnifying glasses and select the correct results.
    • Career = UGRD for all undergraduate students
    • Program = A&S for Trinity students; E-UGD for Pratt students
    • Plan = a major, minor, or certificate. Advisors are only assigned to first and second majors. Many departments manage multiple majors (e.g. AB, AB2, BS, BS2)
Screenshot of search fields on Advisors page with UGRD, A&S, and U-BIO-BS filled in.
Assign Advisors
  • A list of all students in that Plan will appear under Student List.
  • Check the Replace Advisor or Add checkbox for the appropriate student(s).
    • Replace Advisor = remove the current advisor and add the new one
    • Add = do not remove the current advisor; add the new one as a second advisor for that Plan
    • Delete (trashcan icon) = delete the current advisor
    Screenshot of the Replace Advisor, Delete, and Add options
  • Check the box next to the appropriate advisor in the Advisor List on the right side of the page.
    Screenshot of the box checked next to an advisor.
  • Check Grant advisor ability to release advising hold above the Advisor List. (For Trinity students only. If you are assigning an advisor to a Pratt student in the Trinity plan, do not check this box.)
    Screenshot of the Grant advisor ability to release advising hold checkbox
  • Click the green add/replace advisor(s) button at the top of the page. (Checking the Replace All box next to the button will replace the advisor for every student in the Student List.)
    Screenshot of Advisors page in Department Center with arrows pointing to checked Replace Advisor boxes, a checked Select box next to an advisor, and the checked Grant advisor ability to release advising hold box. The mouse hovers over the add/replace advisor(s) button.
  • A confirmation page will appear. Changes will have a red background with green text. Click save pending changes to complete the change. Click search/undo changes to go back without saving.
    Screenshot of the confirmation page. An arrow points to the 'save pending changes' button.