Drop If Enrolled

Drop if Enrolled is a new feature in DukeHub 2.0 that allows students to drop a currently enrolled class, if they successfully enroll in a new class request. If a new request is not successful, the currently enrolled class will not be dropped.

When to use Drop if Enrolled:

  1. If you have a time conflict between one of your enrolled classes and a waitlisted class.
  2. If you are enrolled in a different section of the same course.
  3. If enrollment in a waitlisted class would put you over your appointment or program limit.

Using the Advanced Class Search or Simple Class Search to find your preferred class. Next, identify the class to drop if your preferred class is added to your schedule.

  • Click on the ellipsis for your preferred class and select the Enroll option.
  • In the Enrollment Options section, click the dropdown arrow under Drop the class below if Enrolled in the Class above and select which class you want to drop if enrolled.
  • Click Save after confirming the selection. Should a seat become available and if there are no conflicts with the preferred/waitlisted class, the class you select will be removed from your schedule immediately.
  • If waitlisted, review the Enrollment Results message and select Save.

Navigate to the Edit Enrollment section to review and/or revise Drop If Enrolled classes.

  • Select Edit next to the preferred/waitlisted class.
  • View or edit the class that has been selected as the Drop the class below if Enrolled in the Class above option.
  • Select None to stop any course from being dropped from your schedule, or select a different class to drop.

Click Continue to save any changes, or click Cancel to retain your initial selection.