Classes are offered in multiple sections and Instruction Modes to accommodate students who are physically on-campus and students who are studying remotely. Review the examples below, paying particular attention to the following areas of the schedule:

  • Days & Times
  • Room
  • Instruction Mode
  • Class Notes
  • Location

When viewing offerings in Class Search or within your Shopping Cart, the Days and Room columns differentiate on-campus vs. online-only offerings. Required meeting times will also appear on this main page.

To view additional information (including the Instruction Mode and Class Notes, which may include an optional meeting time for online classes), click to expand any row.

Screenshot a list of classes in DukeHub. In-person, Online, Asynchronous Online, and Online & On-Campus (Hybrid) classes are color coordinated mark the differences between them.

In-Person classes are intended for students who can be present in the classroom at the scheduled time; they are not a good option for remote students. Remote students who believe an in-person class, which has no online option, is essential for them to progress towards their degree requirements and there is no online option should consult their academic dean.

Instruction ModeIn Person
Days & TimesSpecific pattern (ex. MW 8:30 AM-9:45 AM) or TBA
RoomSpecific room on campus (ex. Friedl Bldg 102) or In-Person TBA

Synchronous online classes will expect attendance at the scheduled time. Time zone is not necessarily a reason for not attending synchronous online courses. Students who miss a scheduled meeting time should contact their academic dean for a possible excused absence.

Instruction ModeOnline
Days & TimesSpecific pattern (ex. MW 8:30 AM-9:45 AM)
RoomOnline Course
Asynchronous Online

Asynchronous online classes are not assigned a time slot and enable any student to fully participate regardless of time zone or location.

Instruction ModeAsynchronous Online
Days & TimesNone (but check Class Notes for optional meeting patterns)
RoomOnline Course
Online and On-Campus (Hybrid)

Hybrid classes include both in-person and online components. Both local and remote students can enroll. If the course includes synchronous components, it can require in-person attendance for local students, but it should also provide remote students the means to access the material remotely if there is not an online section.

Instruction ModeOnline and On Campus
Days & TimesMultiple specific patterns (ex. MW 8:30 AM-9:45 AM)
RoomSpecific room on campus (ex. Friedl Bldg 105) or In-Person TBA and Online Course