Register for Classes

To register from the Shopping Cart, navigate to Shopping Cart in the Enrollment menu of DukeHub.

  • Select the Check box next to the class(es) to enroll in for the term.
  • Select the Validate button to confirm eligibility to enroll in the class(es). Adjust selections as needed.
  • Select the Enroll button to register.
  • Review the Enrollment Results box confirm the status of the transaction.

To register directly from the class schedule, navigate to Advanced Search or Simple Class Search in the Class Information menu.

  • Enter your search criteria to narrow down your course selection and select the Search button.
  • Select the Ellipse (Additional Actions) next to the class and select Enroll.
  • Review the Enrollment Options box and select the Save button.
  • Review the Enrollment Results box and select the OK button.

If the enrollment transaction was successful, the course will appear in the View/Drop Classes section.