Request Summer/Winter Enrollment

Unlike Spring and Fall, not all students enroll in Summer or Winter classes. The schedule will be visible to all students. If a student is interested in enrolling for Summer or Winter, the student must “Request Summer/Winter Enroll” in DukeHub. Students are NOT required to meet with their advisor for Summer or Winter enrollment. Any term not initially checked will remain and a student may return at a later date to request eligibility for that term.

Navigate to Request Summer/Winter Enroll under the Enrollment section.

  • Select the check box next to the term in which you intend to enroll. (Multiple terms may be selected for Summer).
  • Select the Submit Data button.
  • After submitting your request, you will receive confirmation that “You may now Shopping Cart/Enroll” for the term.

*If a student makes themselves eligible for a Summer or Winter term, they will not immediately have the Validation button in their Shopping Cart. An hourly process runs that allows students to validate their schedules.