Academic Plan Change

Use to add, drop, or change a major, minor, certificate, or concentration.

Trinity and Pratt undergraduate students may use this form, except for:

Crosslist Change

To change the subject and catalog number for an existing course on your record to one of its preapproved crosslisted offerings.

No changes in enrollment will be made for students who have graduated or are no longer active.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Option

To change the grading basis of a course you are currently taking from graded to satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Read all instructions on the linked pages carefully. Trinity and Pratt have different policies and guidelines.

The S/U grading option forms are not managed by the Office of the University Registrar.

Interinstitutional Approval

Approval forms may also be obtained at the Office of the University Registrar and in most of the offices of the Deans, Directors of Graduate and Undergraduate Studies. In completing the form, please be sure to list complete course information, using subject abbreviation and course number. The call number is not required. No other registration process is necessary at the visited school.

For more information on Duke students enrolling in interinstitutional courses, see Interinstitutional Registration.

Petition to Change a Final Exam

Undergraduate students having three final exams that begin and end within a 24-hour time period or two final exams during the same exam period may petition to have one exam changed to another date/time. The Office of the University Registrar will determine if you are eligible to have an exam changed and contact instructors in the order that you have listed them. Submission of this form does not guarantee that an exam will be changed.

More information about final exams is available here.